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All bulbs are similar, but all are uniqueBulbs are like the car speakers at Best Buy -- they all look pretty much the same, but once they're on, you can tell the difference between any one of them. This uniqueness carries over into all the lines of great name-brand vehicle replacement bulbs that we carry. Whether you choose the popular and affordable Sylvania Bulbs or the Premium PIAA's, we can guarantee your night will be safely and superbly lit. With some bulbs like Nokya, you can even drive with added great looks, just like BMW and Mercedes-Benz owners.

>> Affordable and the most popular bulbs to be factory installed on new model vehicles


>> Affordable and built to last/burn two to three times longer than standard halogen lamps


>> Affordable lighting performance that provides an extra 20-30% of localized light close to auto


>> These shine a whiter light (NOT blue), but at lower wattages than our PIAA bulbs


>> These shine more vivid white light than Cool Blue, but at lower wattages than our PIAA bulbs


>> Our only bulbs with a noticeable blue/white Xenon-like light color (*no DOT)


>> Although more costly, these are the starting class of PIAA's bright white bulbs


>> Costly and limited code availability, ultra white light at 4000K and 4150K (*DOT on some)


>> Expensive with limited code availability, metallic coated bulbs w/HID-like colors (*no DOT)
     Super Plasmas give a prismatic color effect as viewed by oncoming vehicles at angles

>> PIAA Plasma Ion Yellow bulbs are very popular with Lexus, Acura and Audi fog light systems
     They offer that Euro look as well as increased visibility during inclement weather (*no DOT) | Contact Us | It's An Autothing! | Fun Things | Need Something? | Today @ Taco Bell . All rights reserved. Really!   Terms of Use   Disclaimer   Privacy & Security   Advertising