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When you own the last true American muscle car (temporarily forget the Corvette), you know you're special and you know it's a Ford thing!  
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The Ford Mustang!

Don't drool, lol- your keyboard may get wet! does sell great autothings, but you should keep in mind that there are real people just like you running this site and holy cow, do we love cars (just like you!) We hope to continuously use Fun Things and great automobile-related artwork to show that this site is based around a love for the smell of high-octane gasoline (when it's cheap), the adrenaline-rushed sensation of speed, and great looking vehicles. :D



Now, let us state to any Firebird or Camaro owners who may have wandered onto this page inadvertently (admit it, you just love the Mustang too) that we do in fact loveChevy Camaro! your vehicles- a lot, actually. You probably didn't know that was previously known as (memories of "Things for your Ford and more!" suddenly flooding our minds). It's largely because of your Pontiac Firebirds and Chevy Camaros that we created; we found you guys and gals love your Detroit icons just as much as Pontiac Firebird!Mustang owners do (Mustang owners will of course doubt that fact, lol). Unfortunately, there previously was a lack of cool stuff for your autos, which is why we decided that it was an autothing and not just a fordthing. But for the purposes of our homage to the Ford Mustang below, let us note that some of us at actually own Ford Mustangs, which we guess explains the PonyFord Mustang! horse in autothing's corporate logo and anywhere else we could possibly stick it. In case you wondered, any Mustang photos you see in the Mustang Decal Shop are indeed our very own Ponies (V6's & Cobra). Nevertheless, this love we all feel for our great American muscle cars is the same, whether it's a Ford, Chevy, Pontiac, or whatever... Cool!



Aren't you glad THIS didn't make it on YOUR Mustang, lol. Still kind of cool.It's got to be that damn horse! We still haven't figured out how that beautiful, galloping silver horse does it, but just think of it as an aphrodisiac for sports car lovers! It appears in different forms on Lamborghinis, Ferraris, the Porsche logo, and for over 35 years on the Ford Mustang; however, the latter is the most affordable way to become an official owner of your very own1965 Mustang Coupe! silver pony. We all know that after the wheel was invented, horses have been the dominant mode of transport across the world, but then Henry Ford, ahem, introduced the first mass produced vehicles, which completely took over the way we all live our lives. We're assuming that's one of the many reasons Ford aptly named it's best selling muscle car the Mustang; of course, the horse has always been a symbol of freedom and speed- something the Ford Mustang embodies all too well!



It's hard to believe, but if you're the fortunate owner of a newer Ford Mustang, that awesome car you drive (or just stare at all day) is well over 35 years old! Just think, 1965 Mustang Coupe!almost four entire decades of people like you share a love for the same exact car- now that's something special. The 1999 model of the Ford Mustang is the 35th anniversary year of it's production run, which was started way back in 1964, a year that basically determined1964 1/2 Mustang GT Coupe! the Mustang you drive right now (weird but true, huh?) Sure it looked different and cost a lot less, only $2,320.96 (!), but the 1964 model Mustang and those that followed within the few years afterwards seem to be the favorites of die-hard Mustang lovers, collectors, and owners alike. We're sure some of you newer model Mustang buyers have toyed at least once with the idea of 1964 1/2 Mustang GT Coupe Wheel!owning two Mustangs- your sweet new one and an even sweeter old one. Personally, we here at autothing think it's a great idea- really! If you've ever gone one step further 1964 1/2 Mustang GT Coupe Rear!and have actually looked into the 1964 or 1965 Mustang, you probably noticed that they are either called 1964 or 1964 1/2 models. The reason for that is Ford made some cosmetic changes to the Mustang mid-year of its' introduction, and collectors (of course) have made it a point to be utterly specific when it comes to the classic1964 Mustang Convertible! Mustang's model year. Since autothing has an Autos In The Media page, we feel obliged to mention that the first Mustang ever put into a movie was a yellow convertible and the movie, get your pens out 007 fans, was a chase sequence in the James Bond flick Goldfinger. It's Ultra-hot 1968 Shelby Cobra!also within the same time period that Carroll Shelby began his work on the Mustang, creating some of the most powerful modified Mustangs us Pony lovers have seen. In case you have watched it, you may recall that Nicholas Cage has his eyes set on a Shelby Cobra in the movie Gone In 60 Seconds. Our eyes love the car too, but realistically speaking, it's worth over $150,000 nowadays, so we'll just buy the DVD to see it whenever we feel the need to do so.



As you can immediately predict by the title, the Mustang has never done wrong (we admit though, the 80s styling is a bit dryer and conservative for us, lol). The 1970's 1973 Mustang Mach 1!were introduced to one of the coolest Mustangs, the Mach 1. Not only that, but lots of interesting and simultaneously funky Mustang stuff happened in the 70s: a Mustang Ghia edition was introduced, but soon was renamed the Cobra name instead to provide a more sporty aura; the Ford Mustang silver horse was, believe it or not, changed1970 Mustang Mach 1! from a galloping stance with a long, straight tail to a trotting stance; Ford became more outgoing and allowed Cobra badges (that cool silver snake!) on Cobra models; and finally, the 1978 King Cobra Mustang was introduced- the last Mustang to incorporate the classic styling cues of the 1964 Mustang design. Starting in 1979, a new generation of Mustangs was launched and 1993 Mustang LX!persisted until 1993. This generation seemingly underwent little change and many feel it overstayed the welcome by years. One exceptionally notable occurrence was the formation of the SVT group. An acronym for Special Vehicle Team, this was Ford's genius move into the world of ultra high-performance production vehicles, which resulted in the F-150 Lighting, Mustang SVT Cobra, and SVT Focus. Finally though, we arrived in the 1994 and 19991996 Ford Cobra! generations of the Mustang, which provided cars as cool as the 1960s models, but in a modern sort of way, if you know what we mean. The mid-90s model was the first curvaceous model in a whopping 15 years! It's no wonder then that so many people bought this one, giving it higher sales figures than any sports car Chevy and 2001 Ford Cobra R! Sweet!Pontiac could pop out their design rooms. We'll take this opportunity to be somewhat fair and admit that the Chevy Camaro and Pontiac Firebird totally beat the Ford Mustang in terms of horsepower- but then again, GM decided to stop producing both of them, so... (insert your evil laugh here if you're a Mustang owner). Anyways, the 1999 rebirth of the Mustang really didKev's 2001 Stage 3 Roush! We'll take it! a "180" from the previous model; this one had a totally chiseled appearance, but uniquely combined curves and very sharp looking [nonfunctional] air scoops on the sides. Not only do we have Ford Mustangs such as the base V6, the GT, the special edition Bullitt, the SVT Cobra, and the Great looking 2000 S281 Saleen Mustang Coupe!massively supped-up SVT Cobra R to choose from, we still have OTHER companies from which we can select special edition Mustangs. They include Saleen, Roush, Steeda, and others (we forgot their names). When combined, all these variations for a single model proves to anyone that there really is something that people love about Ford Mustangs, whether it's the name, the silver horse, or an inner passion you can only feel when you own and drive one (which is the coolest thing you can do!)



Well we don't have a crystal ball to peer into to see how the future Mustang will look, but we're positive it's coming in the year 2004, so we should see new conceptsMach 1 Semi-Concept; Image Credit: Stang Net! for the next generation VERY soon. Of course, owners of any 99' through current model probably don't mind waiting too much, because that just means your Mustang is still the current one- you can't call it "previous generation" just yet. But of course, we also have current generation concepts and limited editions like the Mach 1, the really sharp GT40 Ford Concept; Image Credit: Car Point!Bullitt edition Ford Mustang released a while ago, and other tentatively scheduled editions like the 2004 Boss 302. Of course, we now have Ford's concept-turned-reality of the More GT40 Ford Concept; Image Credit: Car Point!classic GT, which will be produced in 1000/year quantities starting in 2004 for three consecutive years (maybe). This hot beauty is totally on par to compete with the Ferrari Modena and the Lotus Esprit -- albeit a Ford. It debuted at the 2002 Detroit Auto Show and we were really quite fortunate to see it at the 2003 Chicago Auto Show too!  As for the newest generation of the Ford Mustang, it's a real blast from the past... Well that's it for now, fellow Mustang owners and lovers... enjoy your Ponies to their fullest and don't drive too slow!

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