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Future street signs that may be coming soon to a neighborhood near you! Well, maybe not...

If you've browsed the rest of the Fun Things articles, you can see that we here at have no limits- or shame for that matter- when it comes to journalistic integrity. We love automobiles and all the hype that surrounds them, especially when we pull in to the local 7 Eleven and impress the lingering, semi-sober hobos. Did you know they love fast, good looking cars?- neither did we! But anyways...

We here at autothing constantly feel a need to relay our opinions about automobiles we both love and hate; one way we do this is by coming up with fun and informative articles/topics written on cocktail napkins the night before, which are transferred online as "editorial expressions." However, an autothing Staff member recently woke-up one morning and found nothing but doodles, Doritos, lines and double-tetrahedrons sprawled all over a Chinette plate (when we eat, we use the finest dishes money can buy). Using that information after many intense and laborious hours, we have successfully managed to assemble an entire page of Future Street Signs Coming Soon Near You. Do you find that title creative? We sure hope so!

The next time you speed down a local, child-filled and family-friendly neighborhood street, feel free to roll right on thru those intersections where someone strategically placed funny looking red signs with "STOP" printed on them. As per our State Farm agents here at autothing, "It's not your fault if they hit you." Thanks State Farm, you're like a good neighbor (now get off our lawn!!) Don't ask.

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