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New live-action film opens July 4, 2007

When a film like this is produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by Michael Bay (The Island, Armageddon) you just know it's going to be a visual blast. Better yet, the movie has a cast worth millions:

Credited cast:
Josh Duhamel .... Commander Lennox
Michael Clarke Duncan .... Officer Figueroa
Kevin Dunn .... Sparkplug Witwicky
Megan Fox .... Mikaela
Tyrese Gibson .... Epps (in negotiations)
Shia LaBeouf .... Spike Witwicky
Bernie Mac .... Bobby Bolivia
Amaury Nolasco    
John Robinson .... Miles
Rachael Taylor .... Maggie
John Turturro .... Simmons
Travis Van Winkle .... Trent
Jon Voight .... Keller
Zack Ward .... Donnely

Obviously, we at autothing wouldn't be covering this film unless it has something automotive about it! So, here for your viewing pleasure are the first pictures of one 'Transformers: The Movie' automobile; it's a Saleen S-281 Extreme, which is Saleen's top-of-the-line Ford Mustang with about 550 horsepower. Let us note that you can in-fact go out and buy this Saleen. Well ok, if you have about $80,000...


And so, it begins...


Dark and intimidating: just the way we like it!


What most people will ever see if you buy the real $80,000 version of this car.


We've digitally lightened this photo because this car is really black on black!


We guess it's the Transformer City police department logo?


Another shot of the decals on the side.


This alone shows how good the movie may turn out!


Yes, the real Saleen S-281 Extreme comes with a carbon fiber rear diffuser.


Black Saleen wheels that measure in at 20" and big, beautiful brakes.


These military planes crash a lot, but the way their entire propeller assemblies can rotate is very cool. You just know these cost a lot to rent too!


More updates coming soon!

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