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Monday, January 21st 2008

Cadillac Is Back On Track

Behold, it's the all-new Cadillac CT Coupe Concept. It's essentially a two-door version of the popular Cadillac CTS, so it'll probably be called the CTC once production begins. Judging by these photos, how can Cadillac NOT build the damn thing?

The design kind of alludes to the Lamborghini Murcielago, but at the same time, it doesn't look related to any other vehicle on the road. That's called originality, something most automobile brands haven't invested lots of money into lately.

If Cadillac decides to build the CTC, it will sell very nicely.








Monday, January 21st 2008

Don't Laugh! Ok, Maybe A Little...
Yes, it's another edition of "What Are Hollywood Stars Driving?!?"

Speaking of Cadillac, here's Paris Hilton stepping out of an Escalade. Now, that alone would be pretty boring, so Paris spices things up a bit by falling down after exiting the large SUV. Thank goodness for and the scummy paparazzi -- they're always around whether or not you need them!








Monday, January 21st 2008

VW's Four-Door Golf

Volkswagen already offers the two-door Golf, but considering the success of both the Ford Focus and Mazda's small hatchbacks, they may bring over the Polio. Well it's actually the Polo, but misspellings can sometimes be fun.








Monday, January 21st 2008

Mercedes R-Class Is Going Down!

Mercedes-Benz R-Class. No other vehicle depresses us more than this one when we see it pass by on the street, especially in black. Ok, the photo above is from the Mercedes-Benz website and if you look quickly, it appears to be a standard sedan of some sort. However, this is the best photo available, so they're hiding something... "What are they hiding," you ask? Well, we had to visit eBay since Mercedes is smart enough to offer few photos and here is how the R-Class really looks:

Yes, Mercedes has designed the first and hopefully last luxury funeral hearse! Pictures are actually very complimentary to this thing, because in real life, you might see one and look for thirty other cars following it with little flags attached to their windows. The good news is Mercedes-Benz management is aware of the situation and will soon either discontinue this model or completely revamp it. We'll take option one, thank you.








Friday, January 18th 2008

Maybach Flavored Kisses
Yes, it's another edition of "What Are Hollywood Stars Driving?!?"

Here's J. Lo and her husband, Skeletor, at homegirl's Baby Shower. She is pregnant, so it's time for expensive gifts and crap like that. Speaking of expensive, both arrived in a Maybach limousine, which is either theirs or a rental. Even if you had a lot of money, do you think $350,000 is too much for a limo-style car? What ever happened to arriving in a blacked-out GMC Yukon Denali... Are those things too cheap for the rich now?








Friday, January 18th 2008

Porsche Has A Cute Commercial








Friday, January 18th 2008

Volkswagen Tries Again

The new Volkswagen Passat CC is a very nice four-door coupe and surely they studied the economics of it, unlike that whole Phaeton debacle. The sides look like a slick luxury sedan, the front has a clean and crisp design to it, but the back? Well, the back looks like a Buick. Just saying!

The CC will offer two or three engine options in the sub-300hp range, but that's pretty typical for Volkswagen and most other manufacturers who match nice cars with weak engines that crush the masculinity of men. On the technology side, it is the second mainstream vehicle to park itself much like the Lexus LS-Series vehicles. There must be a lot of consumer demand for such a shitty and truly useless feature!

Seriously -- we just want wiper blades that never leave streaks, windows that don't get fogged-up and a radio that programs itself to the local stations. Is there any technology that could help with those three things, because umm... we already know how to park.








Wednesday, January 9th 2008

Hummer Gets Cool Again

Hummer's HX Concept is very spiffy looking and since it's the smallest Hummer vehicle yet, a price of around $25,000 would make it extremely accessible. We can already predict the buying demographics here in Chicagoland: short-tempered suburban soccer moms and spoiled, ultra-annoying 16 year-old high school students! Come to think of it, maybe we don't want Hummers to be all that accessible.








Wednesday, January 9th 2008

This One Is Truly Epic!
Yes, it's another edition of "What Are Hollywood Stars Driving?!?"

Normally there's more of an automotive undertone related to all our legendary Miss Britney Spears news posts, but this one has like, everything. That includes:

1. Paparazzi boyfriend (Adnan) and the Mercedes-Benz ML-Class Britney bought him
2. Former paparazzi boyfriend yelling at other paparazzi to go away
3. Crazy guy stripping inside a liquor store while Britney runs around
4. Britney speaking and swearing in a British accent at 4:13

If that doesn't sound like a good waste of a few minutes, nothing else will either.








Friday, January 4th 2008

Don't Think, Just Build It!

Dear Dodge,

We love your ZEO Concept. Please do not think or contemplate other ideas! If you do, this vehicle will not be built and we'll get stuck with more sedans that may possibly look like crap. Trust us, we've seen your past mistakes!








Friday, January 4th 2008

Sexy 7-Series
Yes, it's another edition of "What Are Hollywood Stars Driving?!?"

Here we have Justin Timberlake arriving in his classy BMW 7-Series automobile. You can tell because of the iDrive knob located on the extra-large center console. Alright, that's enough of this guy. Boring!








Tuesday, January 1st 2008

Ford Paid A Lot
Yes, it's another edition of "What Are Hollywood Stars Driving?!?"

Ford has scored yet another one. First they bought all of American Idol to push the new Edge, then they bought a very strong appearance in Will Smith's 'I Am Legend' film with their Shelby GT500 Mustang, and now they've got another iconic slot:  the new NBC Knight Rider series. The show will probably flop; seriously, how many strong plot points can you really build around a guy and his intelligent car? Before it does though, check out the video for a view of KITT, the new Shelby GT500KR Mustang.








Tuesday, January 1st 2008

Lincoln Should Listen Up

Lincoln has one problem and one problem only: their stylish and sometimes sexy concepts always turn into Ford models with more chrome, most of which is fake anyways... So you see, they should actually build the floor models presented at every auto show they attend! Seriously -- why even bother cheapening the cars to be one step above their Mercury counterparts when for an additional $10,000 (maybe more), the model can look really different, perhaps even worth buying.








Tuesday, January 1st 2008

BMW Suffers A Slight Loss...

People forget that nearly every single car built overseas comes to the United States by ocean freight, so there's always some risk during transport. Unfortunately, that risk manifested itself just before a new batch of shiny BMWs disembarked. The cargo vessel tipped over enough to dislodge many shipping containers, damaging over three hundred BMW automobiles and totaling at least seventy of them.

BMW customers with specialized vehicles on order: your wait just got extended!

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