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Thursday, May 10th 2007

Just Send Her To Prison Already
Yes, it's another edition of "What Are Hollywood Stars Driving?!?"

Paris Hilton has been spotted driving -- AGAIN -- on her suspended license even after she was sentenced to 45 days in jail. Photographic proof should be enough to extend that sentence an additional ten years. Dreams can come true, you know!










Monday, April 16th 2007

Amazing Storm Drain Malfunction

If you've ever encountered a flooded road or clogged storm drain, this will still be about a hundred times worse. And yes, video cameras rule!










Monday, April 16th 2007

Britney Buys One Of Our Dream Cars
Yes, it's another edition of "What Are Hollywood Stars Driving?!?"

Britney Spears has time to shave her head and skip out on rehab clinics, but homegirl somehow still finds the time to go and buy a black Jaguar XK roadster.

Life is soooo unfair! At least she didn't buy the supercharged model, because then we would have to say she has excellent taste in cars, and who would believe that.










Friday, April 13th 2007

Terrifying, Isn't It?

The latest in the world of pop-up retail? From Singapore comes the Venue VBOX, a portable store in a shipping container, which can be set-up temporarily. Any time. Any place. Since we have a McDonald's on every corner, what's wrong with having small stores every 30 feet covering the entire United States.

Oh yeah, we know you can't wait to see that happen! more...










Thursday, April 12th 2007

Cold Start In A Hot Car
Yes, it's another edition of "What Are Hollywood Stars Driving?!?"

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes arrive at Mastro's Steakhouse in Los Angeles for what we're sure was a nice dinner. Naturally, our focus is that stunning and extremely rare 1958 Chevrolet Corvette in Silver Blue. Those are some nice wheels, you just have to admit. Of course, all good things come to an end...

The damn thing won't start! An almost picture perfect evening turns into a paparazzi bonanza and with about 1,000 photos being taken per minute, they finally caught Katie Holmes' worst camera angle. Blue ribbon quality right there!










Wednesday, April 11th 2007

Saleen Continues To Top Shelby & Roush

Sure Shelby recently released the new GT500KR, but if you want the world's most powerful special edition Ford Mustang, then Saleen is offering 25 samples of the S281 Extreme in the "Bad Boy" design, which includes a blacked-out color treatment and an engine with a whopping 600hp (the stock S281E produces an eager 550hp). Whatever they cost, we'll take at least one. more...










Wednesday, April 11th 2007

This Is The Best Angle...

If you want to believe that the special edition Honda S2000 CR looks hot or amazing, we don't recommend viewing any other photos via the link. more...










Tuesday, April 10th 2007

King Of The 2-Door Coupes

The totally new and upcoming 2008 Audi S5 takes the reign from BMW's 3-Series as the best looking 2-door coupe in the world. The last generation 3-Series was beautiful, but the new design is not able to match the A5/S5. If you think the new A5/S5 looks somewhat similar to the BMW coupe, let us just say that Audi does a much better job with the final result. Every angle is more attractive than the next and Audi has just released a few new gorgeous photos of the S5, whose only negative point is the fact that an automatic transmission is not an option. Some Audi enthusiasts will just have to settle for the satisfying A5. more...










Friday, April 6th 2007

Flexible And Orange

Scheduled for release in 2009, the Ford Flex harkens back to the days when station wagons and Jeeps used fake wood paneling to lure buyers. Don't take that in a negative way, because we like classic styles and we like this one too. It's a very modern rendition of something old into something new. Other than the rare and very expensive Ford GT, this is the first production vehicle from Ford with an optional high-intensity discharge (HID) headlight system. more...










Thursday, April 5th 2007

Mercedes-Benz Takes Awesome Photos

No matter what the subject matter, we say hire the photographers Mercedes-Benz uses. Seriously. Every car they release looks simply amazing in their photos. Take the new 2007 Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG Black Series (which is silver). The car is basically an AMG model, but has a rear air-diffuser made of carbon fiber and some other designer goodies. more...










Wednesday, April 4th 2007

You Know You Want It

When a Chevy doesn't sell, the marketing team turns to Jay-Z. When a Ford doesn't sell, they turn to Funkmaster Flex. So here is the result, the Funkmaster Flex edition of the Ford Expedition. Rest assured, this is no joke and the SUV will be flying off your local Ford dealer's lot this Fall. And by flying we mean not selling. more...










Wednesday, April 4th 2007

Unexpected Combination Of The Day
Yes, it's another edition of "What Are Hollywood Stars Driving?!?"

Diana Ross -- who helped tutor the singers on American Idol in late March -- is seen here leaving her Dodge Ram. She's still cool as ever. A mess, but cool.










Wednesday, April 4th 2007

Guess The Car BEFORE You Read!

Amazing what passes for a "great idea" nowadays. First we had Chocolate Jesus, then yoga lessons for dogs, and now thanks to artist Luca Pancrazzi, this once beautiful Maserati Quattroporte has been decorated with 1,763 shards of broken glass. Picasso would be proud.










Tuesday, April 3rd 2007

Way Too Much Money
Yes, it's another edition of "What Are Hollywood Stars Driving?!?"

Actor Ben Affleck owns a Rolls-Royce Phantom. Yeah, we couldn't believe it either, but here that damn thing is, nestled between cars that cost barely as much as the Teflon-coated umbrellas stored in the rear passenger-side doors.

It kind of looks a bit ugly from the rear, don't you think? Like a bloated presidential limousine or something excessive to that effect. Ben's wife, actress Jennifer Garner, has the car we really like: a Bentley GT Coupe.










Monday, April 2nd 2007

Mercedes-Benz Offers Rare New Car

Mercedes-Benz is building just 40 of these CL65 AMG cars for 2008, which just happens to coincide with the 40th anniversary of their AMG tuning division. The car will even be painted in a color called Alubeam, which is used almost exclusively on their concept and auto show vehicles; this means you're guaranteed that only you and 39 others have an identical car. We feel that's rare enough for most. more...










Sunday, April 1st 2007

Shelby GT500KR Mustang

The Shelby GT500KR Mustang really looks good for a limited edition version of an already limited edition model, the Shelby GT500. This new baby will have about 540hp under the hood, which still makes Saleen's S-281 Extreme the most powerful production Mustang in the world with 550hp. However, the sticker price for this Shelby will be lower than Saleen's, until your friendly Ford dealer adds their own personal mark-up of around $10,000 or even higher. more...

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