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The Cell Phone Jammer

Cell Phone Jammer Review by!
(cell jammer is black unit on left -- more pics below) Tested and Owned: Two units currently in-use Recommended: A resounding yes!
Purchase Location: Online from Global Gadget in the United Kingdom
Legal in the USA? Probably not, so don't take it on an airplane
: High, around $350 with a charger (depending on exchange rates)

Pros: Disconnects cell phone calls, keeps cell phones from receiving a carrier signal, portable unit somewhat resembles cell phone, lightweight, works on all carriers with quick call disconnections, entertaining

Cons: Unit looks somewhat like a stun-gun (so don't chase strangers on cell phones like we did at the Chicago Auto Show -- though it was fun), expensive, effective within 30ft or less, power button location may cause the jammer to be turned on by accident. Trust us, the pros completely outweigh the cons on this technological marvel

Overall: This little unit should be kept in your pocket and enjoyed as often as possible. You don't need it, but if people on cell phones jabbering away with their nonsense drives you nuts, you will love it! If you have any questions, you can contact us at autothing or Global Gadget.

Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Seriously, lol...
People on cell phones: Could something, ANYthing be more annoying? No.

Did you ever notice that the worst drivers are always the ones on cell phones driving slow in the fast lane (or nearly causing accidents)? Does it strike you as rude when you're stuck in line and someone ahead of you won't get off their stupid cell phone and pay for their purchase? Do you ever wonder who are all these wonderful people who cannot be alone for two seconds without grabbing a cell phone?

Well boys and girls of all ages, it's time to develop a god-complex with the ultimate tech toy: a cellular phone jammer.

Some of you will be skeptical at first, but some of you will experience the same -- dare we say it -- nearly orgasmic feeling of being able to disconnect people from their cell phone calls on demand. We at wished we could fly when we were ten years old, but we soon realized it was not humanly possible (thank goodness for the safety net!) This dream is for real however, as you really can teach people some phone manners without them knowing about it...

The Cell Phone Jammer

We honestly do not know or care how the thing works, but what it does is jam the local cellular phone signals within a small area, usually within a range of 20-30 feet. We find it works best when you are located inside a building versus outdoors.

Cell phone towers -- bless their Nature-like beauty and grace -- have been popping up all over the place, from serene lily ponds to beautiful backyards. This means cell phone signals are constant and strong when you are outside, so this little unit may not have the power to immediately overcome them (though it usually does if not too far from the target, which is what we'll occasionally call them cell phone things and/or owners from this point on).

Target Acquisition: Outdoors

Someone kill this thing when you have a chance!
Good Advice: Die!

If you are sitting in your car at a red light and the driver behind, in front, or next to you is on a cell phone, turn the jammer on. Hold it up a bit so the jamming signal passes through glass instead of the metal of your vehicle (one is way more dense than the other and will block your jammer's signal). You will see the target suddenly stop talking, look at their cell phone, and wonder why they have no signal at all. We at autothing usually cannot help but laugh at this point, so if you also have a good sense of humor, every trip in the car will be fun.

Target Acquisition: Indoors

This is where the true fun begins. Go into any building where people shop and we're pretty sure you'll find someone who is on the verge of spontaneous combustion thanks to their cell phone being too hot. Do them the favor and end the conversation that "could not wait"; seriously, we can all get in and out of stores, restaurants, theaters, bars, and offices much faster if these folks would just realize that they are so in the way. The cell jammer works best indoors because the walls of a building weaken the carrier strength of cell phones. You on-the-other-hand now have the advantage and can disconnect everyone near you almost immediately. We love when a crowd of people at the auto show get disconnected altogether, and you know what, they just dismiss this odd occurrence and don't talk to each other... You would think they find it suspicious, right? Nope!

Remember, the jammer keeps the carrier signal from the target phone constantly scrambled. If the target is near you in a restaurant or theater setting, you won't be hearing any unique ring-tones that make certain cell phone users so unbearably attractive, that they may become your future spouse -- significant other at the very least.

Final How-To and More Praise

If you want to buy this useful little toy, go to Global Gadget and get one of your very own. The unit is a bit pricey and will hit nearly $400 if you get a spare battery and car charger (or electric charger), but what a gift this thing makes! Seriously, a husband will take it everywhere and a wife will certainly bring it to restaurants. College students will just abuse everyone with it (right on!) and kids, well they'll start chewing on it, so don't give it to them.

The unit has a fake cell phone display and the rubber buttons (see pics below) are non-functional. The unit has two tiny on and off buttons on the left side -- when viewed from the front -- and an LED blinks green when on and red when there is low power. For the money, this is one of the neatest things we at have ever played with and it gets more useful everyday, because there's always someone out there who requires a fancy Motorola Razr phone that you can make useless in just a few sweet seconds!

 Additional Photographs (click to open each in a new window)

Cell Phone Jammer


Cell Phone Jammer

  Cell Phone Jammer
View: Jamming in Action!  View: Opened and Closed View: Size Comparison

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