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Below you will find 10 categories we've come up with out of thin air (like every bonafide auto magazine does now and then, lol). Of course, our list is more a collection of opinions than actual reviews; if you think about it, automobiles are such a personal thing that even the auto magazines are all biased to some degree-otherwise, they would have the same results for every test they conduct! So anyways, we made an interesting list of categories that some vehicles seem to fit perfectly into and others?- well like we said, it's all a matter of personal opinion. If you have a better suggestion, feel free to email us so we can agree or argue with you (the latter is usually more fun, so we hope you are wrong ahead of time, eh eh eh). Enjoy!

The awesome sequel to the Mazda RX-7... it's the Mazda RX-8!

The Sharpest Little Import Most Of Us Can Afford With A Small Loan

Mazda RX-8

Loved the RX-7 and now the RX-8!

BMW 7-Series

Best Looking 4-Door Sedan Which Actually Retains Some Sportiness

BMW 7-Series

Hate it or love it, she looks powerful.

Sweet unholy mother of exotics- we love thy beauty! The Saleen S7!

The Most Beautiful Exotic No One You Know Will Ever Buy Or Drive

Saleen S7

From out of the blue, the S7 came.

The Bentley Arnage- what an awful waste of a lot of money!

Biggest Waste Of Money On A Really Awful Way To Waste Money

Bentley Arnage

Why buy it? we ask- over and over and...

We'll take two, please... the Ferrari Modena and Modena Spyder rule!

The Ferrari You Will Most Likely See About Two Times Per Year (Maybe)

Ferrari Modena

The most sleek and affordable.

Listen to the Jaguar XK growl as she rushes past on the highway!

Most Desirable Jaguar Automobile

Jaguar XK Coupe

Prowl the streets in this gorgeous auto!

The Mercedes-Benz SL Series- a sight to behold in technology and design!

Most Technically Advanced 2-Door Coupe On The Market

Mercedes-Benz SL Series

Das iz good for ze speed!

Nice way to move hay and small farm animals- the Cadillac Escalade EXT!

The Only Pick-Up Truck We Would Ever Buy Due To Beauty In A Pick-Up Truck

Cadillac Escalade EXT

Now you can move hay and chickens in style.

Infiniti FX35 and FX45- a sweet looking SUV line with true style!

"Best Looking" SUV, If That Can Be Said
With A Straight Face

Infiniti FX45

Finally, an SUV styled differently!

So powerful- so rare- and so damn expensive! The Aston Martin Vanquish!

Most Luxurious Exotic We Wish Came With Automatic Transmission :D

Aston Martin Vanquish

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