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  How some drivers "coincidentally" park
    their cars next to an identical car?
  That person at the carwash who doesn't
    need a carwash?

  How much people with plain cars
      love to look at personalized cars?
  Those moments when you realize
      you do love to drive?



Ferrari Modena 360 Spyder

While it's true that some vehicles bring it out more than others, there exists a certain passion, a love if you will, that transcends all speed-limits. It's a specific kind of yearning you feel when you are stopped at an intersection and you see a rare car, a Viper for example. No, let's go more rare- let's go exotic. You see a Ferrari.

Now, you most likely don't have time to comprehend what you should be thinking when you see this pinnacle of automotive beauty. Does jealousy cross your mind? No, that would waste the precious moments of visual stimulus you have ticking away before the light turns green. Do you act like you do not even see her, hoping that in case the ultra-fortunate owner looks your way, your head isn't the only one at the entire intersection that is fixated upon her 180mph aluminum chassis? You could, but who would that be hurting...

Instead, look at the driver and realize that he or she is just like you. That driver you see in the Ferrari probably wanted that car from the moment they too saw it at the intersection or in the magazine. Next, take a look at the exotic herself- it is a car after all, just like yours. While it may be more costly (lol) and more an object of desire, it still has an engine, four wheels, and a glove box. Combine these aspects and you have a complete picture, one of plausibility: You can have this.

So don't hide your true feelings when you see a vehicle you like, because one day you will have it. Go ahead then- stare at the Ferrari until she hits 60mph in 4.5 seconds and leaves the horizon. You know what you are going to get one day as once did the driver of the Ferrari- you'll get what you love.

We felt it might ruin the effect if mentioned in the beginning,
but you can substitute the Ferrari for any car you desire, lol...

Chevy Camaro 35th AnniversaryAcura NSXPorsche 911Ford Mustang Cobra RDodge Viper RT/10

Love your vehicle. Make everything you drive look great. Enjoy the ride! :D

Ferrari Modena 360 Spyder

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